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Gender Precision: Blood-Based Gender Testing

Early Gender DNA Testing: The Future of Prenatal Diagnostics

In the realm of prenatal diagnostics, Castleton HD Ultrasound leads the way with gender precision advancements. Expectant parents can discover their baby’s gender through a simple blood test, offering early and accurate results. This non-invasive method establishes a deeper connection between parents and their child even before birth.

DNA gender testing

Gender precision relies on detecting fetal DNA circulating within the mother’s bloodstream. Using cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, Castleton HD Ultrasound analyzes the sample for the presence or absence of Y-chromosomal DNA. The Y chromosome indicates a baby boy, while its absence suggests a baby girl.

The Advantages of Early Gender DNA Testing

Castleton HD Ultrasound’s blood-based gender testing offers remarkable advantages in gender precision. Unlike traditional ultrasound exams performed between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, Castleton HD Ultrasound can determine gender as early as eight weeks. This early knowledge allows expectant parents to foster a deeper bond with their baby and make informed preparations accordingly.

Moreover, Castleton HD Ultrasound’s blood-based gender testing surpasses ultrasounds in accuracy. Studies show that ultrasound results can be incorrect up to 10% of the time due to various factors. In contrast, Castleton HD Ultrasound’s blood tests provide a reliable and precise method for gender determination, ensuring a higher level of confidence for parents-to-be.


SneakPeek Clinical: Collaboration with Castleton HD Ultrasound

Collaborating with Castleton HD Ultrasound, SneakPeek Clinical offers groundbreaking gender precision solutions for expectant parents. Utilizing state-of-the-art PCR technology, SneakPeek Clinical accurately detects the presence or absence of male Y chromosomes in the blood sample, determining the baby’s gender.

SneakPeek Clinical ensures a seamless experience by providing on-site phlebotomists in partnership with Castleton HD Ultrasound. With the industry’s fastest turnaround times, SneakPeek Clinical delivers prompt results, often on the same day the sample reaches its labs.

The Emotional Impact of Early Gender Determination

Castleton HD Ultrasound’s gender precision services provide expectant parents with an emotionally significant experience. Early gender determination allows for a more intimate connection with the unborn child and enables parents to begin building a bond and envisioning the future. It empowers parents to prepare emotionally and practically for the arrival of their baby, fostering a sense of anticipation and joy throughout the pregnancy journey.


Castleton HD Ultrasound: Leader in Gender Precision

Regarding blood-based gender testing, Castleton HD Ultrasound excels in delivering gender precision. At 7035 E 96th St., Suite G, Indianapolis, IN, 46250, Castleton HD Ultrasound provides state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced professionals committed to accurate and reliable gender determination. Expectant parents can rely on precise results in a safe and comfortable environment.


Early gender DNA testing is a safe, accurate, and reliable way to find out the gender of your baby early on. If you are expecting a child, I encourage you to learn more about this amazing technology.

To learn more about early gender DNA testing, visit the Clinical website, contact Castleton HD Ultrasound, or just call us (317) 578-0442 .

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