CPT Dorota G.

I could not believe that I was actually watching my child move inside me in 3D, it was amazing to see her every expression. Not only was it wonderful to truly put a real face on the little person growing inside me, but your pleasant surroundings are a far cry from the sterile hospital environment and truly made my Ultrasound the best yet.

Heather D.

I had an absolutely wonderful time during my Ultrasound. It is truly amazing to see the pictures--it really makes the whole pregnancy experience more real. I have sent pictures to my husband in Iraq and I know that he will truly find them wonderful and touching. He couldn't be a part of the pregnancy physically, but through these pictures he can be there emotionally. Everyone that has seen the pictures cannot believe how real they look. It is awesome to be able to "see" my baby way before she is born. I really valued my experience with you and have told others. You offer a wonderful service.

Steve and Jenn G.

We have shown everyone our video and I have told all of my pregnant friends that they have to come get one done when they are far enough along. My doctor loved seeing the photos too, and she has them posted in her office.

Andy and Molly W.

This 3D/4D ultrasound is so incredible!  We were able to see what our little one is going to look like when he or she arrives.  I couldn't believe the detail in the pictures and video.  Thank you so much for memories that we will treasure always.

Kelly O.

I had no idea that this technology was even available to me!  I thought it was just something you see on TV.  The difference between the traditional 2D and the 3D/4D is night and day.  I could see my baby's features and expressions…my baby smiled at me!  What an amazing feeling!  I will be sure to tell everyone I know that this is now available and that it is an experience of a lifetime.

Sandy and Casey Y.

I was thrilled to learn that the new Ultrasound technology was available in our area. My husband wasn't sure he wanted to do this since we had already had two 2D ultrasounds and got some pretty good pictures.  I told him it would be so much better and convinced him to do it.  To see tears of joy in my husband's eyes as he watched our baby moving inside me made me fall in love with him all over again!  Thanks for a truly wonderful experience.

Stephen and Rose M.

After much thought, we decided to have a 3D/4D Ultrasound done during this pregnancy. We have suffered 2 miscarriages in the last 3 years. This pregnancy is a miracle, we wanted to document every last detail of it. Our doctor's office does not allow tape recordings of Ultrasounds due to insurance reasons, and we really wanted to have a video of an Ultrasound. This was the factor that helped us decided to go ahead and go through with the Ultrasound. When she wasn't cooperating, the tech stopped the session, gave me juice and then we started again and what a show she put on. We have video of her YAWNING!!! YAWNING!! She's a little person! It was amazing. Anyway, it was well worth it. I could just sit and watch the video all day long if I was able to. I am so amazed at how much she looks like me (so was everyone else). I can't believe I have an idea of what my baby will look like before she gets here! And as I have said before, seeing Hannah before she is born is truly amazing.

Kristi and Marc H.

What a rush it was to put a face to this little life growing inside of me!  As a woman I am lucky to be able to feel the baby moving inside me and I feel that my husband misses out.  By actually seeing our little girls face, little fingers and toes…I feel that he was able to bond with her on another level.  I would recommend the 3D-4D Ultrasound experience to anyone.

Karen C.

It was always hard to imagine it was a baby inside of me. I could feel it kick and move. The only thing I could picture was the "slice" image of the black and white Ultrasound. I could see its spine and the inside of its skull and know it was a baby inside of me. When I had my 3D/4D Ultrasound, my heart skipped a beat. He's not a shadow, he's not a skeleton. He is my son. He has his sister's nose and his father's lips. He's real. And he's inside of me growing. My son is beautiful. The whole family loved the pictures and the video. I e-mailed his picture to everyone I knew and introduced my soon to be born son.

Bud and Tracey H.

My husband and I took advantage of the 2-visit package and we are so glad that we did!  At the first session we saw our son be-bopping all around in there and he just made us laugh- what a character already!  At the second session we were amazed to see how much he had grown- he had the cutest chubby cheeks and an adorable smile!  We were able to put his picture up on the mantle with his sister's before he was even born.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch our son turn into the amazing and handsome little boy that he is today.

Shelly and Michael B.

Westfield, IN

My husband and I were so thrilled to get to see our first baby. We had seen several ultrasounds that were the traditional style of 2D, but we felt we were not getting a full picture of the baby. We booked an appointment with Castleton Ultrasound, and we were more than thrilled to finally get a "true" picture of the baby. Our baby kept snuggling herself, and would barely let us see her face. But, despite this, the ultrasound technician, Amy, worked diligently until we were able to get a good profile picture of her. She also allowed us to return for a subsequent session. Our mothers were able to attend. The setting was a comfortable one for the whole family as we viewed our bundle of joy!!! We can't wait to meet her in person, but the ultrasound made us feel like we were one step closer.